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Yoga for Sleep

Yoga For Sleep

For beginners and all levels. If you’ve had trouble sleeping and/or need to slow down, start your week off with this practice. Reset with this restorative Yin session. You will experience long, slow stretching poses intended to open up joints and connective tissues. This will be followed by the practice of Yoga Nidra, or Dream Yoga, where you will experience a state of extreme relaxation through guided meditations intended to get you to the state of sleeping and bliss. Please dress comfortably and bring along a blanket and lots of pillows.





Yin for Autumn

Yin For Autumn

For the Intermediate beginner level and up. Take this time to nourish your mind and body. The Autumn season is a good time to appreciate the process inside and outside ourselves. It’s a wonderful time for reflection. Just like trees shed their leaves in preparation for winter, these fall months are a great opportunity to bring the idea of letting go to our practice. Benefits include decreased stress, increased circulation, and improved flexibility and range of motion. For this class you will need blocks and a blanket





Surrender to Exhale Yin Yoga

Exhale Yin Yoga

For Intermediate level and up. This class creates a space to surrender self-limiting mind patterns. Yin Yoga is a slow paced practice in which poses are held for a longer period of time. While in the poses, the fascia is gradually released allowing the psychological traumas it contains to begin to leave our system. The fascia is located right below the skin and wraps around/connects the muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels of our bodies. This is why certain poses can cause an uprising of emotions as they become unblocked and released. With continued practice, we release the thought patterns that no longer serve us and we can reconnect with the core of who we are. Not who we will be or who we were but the ever changing display of our present and beautiful self, right now at this moment. Be prepared with a yoga block, pillow or blanket.




Restore & Reset

Restore & Reset Yin Yoga

For all levels. This class provides a unique balance of “doing” and “un-doing”. Take this time to reset in the middle of the week to finish strong.  More often than not, we become so focused on gaining, achieving, strengthening and striving (Yang) that we don’t value rest, recovery, flexibility, and acceptance of where we are in the moment. (Yin). Too much “doing” and constantly pushing the body to extremes can cause stress. If you have trouble slowing down from the daily hustle, this practice makes space to be still, go within and leave feeling refreshed.





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