Yoga One-on-One

To provide the best possible yogic experience, I work with you to learn the skills in yoga that will make you feel more resilient and at ease in your life.

Individual sessions can be beneficial to those who are just starting out with yoga and need personal guidance; those with a regular yoga practice that no longer feels the same, or those who may be recovering from a condition and need a gentle/personalized approach. Weaved into each session are suggestions for lifestyle improvements and coaching which are key to helping you commit to radical self-care.


This is a personalized approach to reducing stress, gaining focus and centering through mindfulness. Developing a mindfulness practice is helpful for anyone looking to access greater calm, focus, and energy in life. Whether you are a beginner seeking an introduction to meditation or a little more experienced and open to find your next breakthrough, these sessions are tailored to your personal needs and in the setting of your choice.

Intuitive Coaching Session

In this single session, space is created so you can show up as you are.  Its a place where you can show up messy. Deep conversation will take place in a safe environment.  I’ll be the experienced co-captain on your team who is 100% committed to you and your goals for that hour. This session includes a personalized road map to help you stay focused on your goals.  Schedule a consultation to get started.

Are you ready to get started but have questions?

2 ways to get in touch:

Phone: (609)285-3541


Serving areas n NYC, NJ & PA

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